Soil Investigation

Soil is a complex and non-homogeneous natural substance formed over periode of time due to various geological events and other natural processes. Its complexity is demostrate by its approximate composition which includes minerals (45 %), air(25 %), water(25 %), & organic matter (5 %). There are various types of soil which differ in physical & chemical composition, like sand, salt, clay, loan, peat etc. Although the primary use of soil in our natural is to support plants or vegetation, but for all construction related activities like buildings, dams, tunnels, etc. soil is an indispensable ingredient and knowledge of its properties deteermine its suitability for a particular purpose. The various tests on soil can be broadly categorized into two types:

Classification Test, which provide information about the general soil characteristics as well as the mechanical properties like strength, size-grading, permeability etc. These tests help to classify soil samples into various different types.

Test To Determine Engeneering Properties, which evaluate the usefulness or suitability of a particular soil specimen for a construction related work.

Besides the above types of tests, other tests are also conducted to determine various other parameters which help in decipheeing its internal structures, contamination, and other aspects. These include various chemical test and corrosion tests.