Building Materials

One of the key ingredients of a growing and successful economy is the construction industry, as the infrastructure of a country relies heavily on it.The best example of a growing economy is India, where of late there has been a surge of construction activities happenning througout the country involving almost each and every sphere of work. As a result, the Construction industry is poised to become the second largest contributor to India's Gross Domestic Product(GDP), Construction activities can range from building of roads, highways, buildings, towers, dams, etc.Now, the foundation of any construction work hinges on the use of 'Building Materials', which include 'cement, steel, concreate, aggregates, soil fly ash, ceramics, bricks etc. The Quality of such building materials is of paramount importance in ensuring toughness and durability of the constructed part, besides ensuring safety for all those people who would use it. Various regulation, related to such materials, are been enforced from time by the government, and every manufacture has to ensure that the product manufactured are complint with those regulation.

Since different construction items have different properties and also their application are varied, a number of national and international specification pertaining to the scope of application and any relevant regulatory requirements have been formulated. The analysis of building materials have to be conducted as per various accepted standardized test methods. The various standards include IS, ASTM, BSI, ISO etc.

Curve Serveys & Lab Ltd is one of the top-ranked laboratories providing reliable, accurate, and reproducible test result. Its credibility is bore by the accreditation received from NABL, and also the availability of sophisticated and modern analytical instruments that are calibrated at regular intervals. But the most important strength of Spectro lies in its pool of talented workforce. The testing activities include physical and chemical test, besides micro-structural analysis. Spectro also undertakes on-fiels testing services, engineering and NDT inspections, besides providing consulation services.

Building Material Test

  • Cement
  • Bricks
  • ALC Block
  • Fine Aggregates
  • Coarse Aggregates
  • Water
  • Paver Blocks
  • Cement Concrete Cubes
  • Steel
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Fly Ash
  • Lime
  • Rubble
  • Stone
  • Metals
  • Asphalt
  • Bituminous Mix
  • Benkelman Beam Deflection Test