Metals & Alloys Testing

Curve Serveys & Lab Ltd is fully equipped to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of almost all the known elements in the periodic table, be it metals, non-metals or alloys. Spectro employs both traditional techniques,i.e. Wet chemical methods as well as instrumentation techniques for conducting the analysis. The laboratory process modern and sophisticated instrumens like ICP-OES, Spark OES and XRF besides AAS. all these techniques except AAS,offer the advantage of multi-element analysys with very high Sensitivity/low detection limit for all the elements. Curve Serveys & Lab has the distiction of being the first laboratory amongst all commercial laboratories in india to introduce the use of direct/Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer(Spark OES) techniques for analysis of almost all the known metals in the solid form. It has the largest capability in the country to analyze any Metal-ferrous, non-ferrous or precious metals.

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals Testing

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals Testing solutions offered comprise a wide range of tests that are performed for testing quality of the ferrous and non ferrous metals. Among many tests performed one include Grain Size test that is used for testing material's grain size that affects its mechanical properties. Here, presence of refined grain structure helps in providing enhanced toughness properties with alloying elements added during steel-making process for assisting in grain refinement. Some of the other tests that are performed for testing of ferrous and non ferrous metals include.

Effective Case Depth :-

The test helps in determining depth to which micro indentation hardness of exterior portion of part is increased over that of interior of part

Non-metallic Inclusion Content :–

The test is used for presence of non-metallic inclusions in steel in form of foreign substances. It also helps in checking cracks and fatigue failure in steel occurring from stamping, non-metallic inclusions, flatting, forging.

Ferrous & Non ferrous Test

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Spectro
  • Tensile
  • Bend
  • Re-Bend
  • Hardness
  • Nick Break
  • Impact
  • Proof Load
  • Coating Thickness